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Who we are...
"A People Being Transformed in Christ through Faith, Worship, Witness and Service."
Our Vision

To reveal Christ to each other, our community and to the world by our Love, Faith and Fellowship.

God has blessed our congregation with His Love in Service, His Joy in Fellowship and His Son to Worship with all our Hearts.  Come grow with us as we are Transformed by His Living Presence.

The Weather is always perfect in Heaven!

Begin 2015 with the study of God's word.  Starting Sunday evening, January 11th (weather permitting) we will dive into the "Revelation of John."  The final book of the Bible is by far the most mysterious and least understood writing in the New Testament and requires a bit of patience to work through.  Why study this enigmatic book?  Simply, it contains a letter to us from the Lord Jesus.  In a book I'm using for the study the writers mention these reasons:

*Revelation is the word of God.

*Jesus told us to watch for signs of things to come

*Revelation is about Jesus

*Revelation reveals God's plan for the future

*A special blessing is promised to all those who read Revelation

*Revelation will change our lives

*Revelation will give us a concern for those who reject God and His Son, Jesus

*If prophecy is being fulfilled, people should want to know the details

Join us for this study and be blessed,